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ludos protocol

Ludos and ChinaSoft Tokyo Branch work together to open the future of blockchain technology

Software engineering has developed for decades, witnessing the three major stages of development of the Internet. The blockchain was born under the aura of “new application mode of computer technology” and has been developed for more than ten years. In the torrent of technological convergence, the two are gradually tightly integrated.

A few days ago, ChinaSoft Tokyo Branch, which has undertaken thousands of major national projects, and Ludos reached an intentional cooperation on game software security technology. Blockchains have risen and fallen unpredictably. The ChinaSoft Tokyo branch and Ludos set off with the same dreams and stand under the same roadmap of technological change.

Blockchain will change the status of the software engineering industry

“I was pessimistic about the blockchain industry because of the chaos in the market about the prospect of the blockchain, then my friend told me that a Chinese blockchain company named the Blockchain Game Association was established in Tokyo, you gotta have a look about it.” Ms. Yu Xi, Chairman of the ChinaSoft Tokyo Branch recalled the initial understanding of Ludos. “At the time, I heard that many professionals in the field of research blockchain in Japan would also be present. I made up my mind came to the scene but I did not think that some roads are a step forward and you want to go on.”

Ms. Yu Xi recalled when the blockchain industry was sluggish and the market sentiment was unstable in 2018, Ludos took a key step in the development of blockchain gaming — the establishment of the Japan Blockchain Game Association. In the game association, Ludos had the privilege of meeting Ms. Yu and communicating technically with the technical leaders of the ChinaSoft Tokyo branch. Technicians at the ChinaSoft Tokyo branch expressed to Ludos that software technology has now stabilized, but it is precisely this kind of stability that keeps the industry behind, and they need to absorb more advanced technology to make software engineering technology a new level.

Ludos multi-sidechain technology solves 80% software stuck problem

For a long time, Internet giants such as BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) are eager to try out the blockchain game field, and those infrastructures built on blockchain technology are also struggling to develop gaming platforms, but the reality is that the cost of using blockchain technology is too high, and the benefits are not obvious enough. The real industry is hard to have the power to cut into the blockchain, and only some non-mainstream commercial projects are expected to use blockchain technology to counterattack overnight. This made Ludos realize that the combination of blockchain technology and entities at the current stage is not yet available. In contrast, the close integration of blockchain technology and Internet technology can often surprise the public.

From the perspective of software development technology, no matter the type of software or technology in the market, it is impossible to produce higher quality products. As far as the current software status is concerned, as the user groups using software continue to expand, many Software has been unable to carry a large number of user systems, more and more software has appeared problems such as catastrophic, flashback and without resort.

“We have learned about Ludos’ multi-sidechain technology. It will solve 80% of the system’s system problems in the market if it can be integrated with such technology. Our software internal software engineering is also the industry’s technical leader, our technology will play a certain supporting role for Ludos game platform,” said the technical leader of ChinaSoft.

With the deepening of the consensus, Ludos and ChinaSoft Tokyo Branch embarked on the road of cooperation and mutual benefits.

ChinaSoft Tokyo Branch and Ludos reached an intentional cooperation

Previously, the ongoing optimization of ludgame was mainly to technically solve the multi-signature technology of the cryptocurrency and realize the refund function of LUD. The success of this function is ahead of most currencies in the market, LUD also become a leader in the industry.

The launch of the refund feature will make your money more secure and trustworthy. With the emergence of this technology, the Ludgame’s recharge function is similar to Taobao, and this technology can be realized in the decentralized world, which is a milestone breakthrough for Ludos. In the internal testing phase after the feature deployment, users expressed: Ludgame has become more and more convenient, efficient and standardized.

After the optimized ludgame game platform, ChinaSoft Branch conducted preliminary cooperation negotiations with Ludos on the security of the encryption algorithm maintenance software. In the future, Ludos will fully support the softening capabilities of comprehensive software such as game system software and game security software in the soft branch of Tokyo, and help the software system of ChinaSoft Tokyo Branch to optimize the multi-sidechain architecture.

If the digital currency payment project is to explore the space where Bitcoin is used as a means of payment, then the combination of blockchain and software engineering is to achieve a realistic map of technological innovation and integration. Ludos will also practice the blockchain spirit and create breakthrough technical theories and practical values.

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