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aGifttoken ICO- offer gifts using blockchain technology

About aGifttoken 

aGifttoken is the new concept nowadays to offer gifts using blockchain technology. The platform, aGiftapp, is already developed and functional on IOS, Android and Web version. Their vision is to create a world in which you and your friends can celebrate the most important events regardless the geographical barriers. aGifttoken is in advanced development with the MVP complete and is to become the primary option as gift to be sent and received using aGiftapp platform.

Basic Information

Token NameaGifttoken
Token SymbolAGT
Social Media
Soft cap10,000,000 AGT (10,000,000 USD)
Hard cap20,000,000 AGT (20,000,000 USD)
Token Price1 USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Exceptional system

AGifttoken is an exceptional system that is created to rebrand gifting. Considering the
challenges of being confident in the gifting sector, aGifttoken offers a method of cultivating
trust between a gift sender and a gift receiver with the aid of Blockchain technology. Their  vision is to create a world in which you and your friends can celebrate the most important events regardless the geographical barriers.


For decades, offering gifts has been an activity in small groups, based on offline interaction. Nowadays giving presents and also the right ones become more and more difficult due to various reasons. They live in a busy and an ever-evolving era. They busy schedules make it difficult for us to know the exact gift that their friends would love or need to receive. In addition, having friends around the world now so common. In consequence, the geographical barriers also pose a challenge since it’s often impossible to be with them in person, although would like to be part of the most important occasions.


Market opportunities

Giftware includes goods and services. They are usually bought and given to another person
without requesting for something in return. Holidays, personal birthdays and special occasions are some of the reasons why people spend money on present and research shows that above 90% of people usually celebrate winter holidays. Usually, the average amount spent on holiday presents is $730. The Mother’s Day also brought a strong revenue that includes consumers spending a total amount of $200 billion on gifts in a year, nowadays.


The recent estimates also show that 6.5 billion people purchase greeting cards yearly that helps to maintain the annual retail sales between $7 to $8 billion. These significant figures are also reflected in the increase in the revenue that is experienced among gift shops and card stores. About 71% of adults have a higher probability of purchasing gift-wrap supplies while 19% placed their presents in the gift bag. There is a highly intensively use of social media platforms to interact on special occasions.


The token sale events will distribute a maximum of 30 million aGifttoken. The 5M tokens
reserved for team, advisors and security will be frozen until the entire selling circle will be
finished.The price for an aGifttoken is $5 and it was established in correlation with the global average value of a gift. Stages I and II offers the possibility to purchase tokens with the respective discounts until threshold levels are reached. This model brings an increasing of awareness and consideration for their tokens.


The platform where aGifttoken can be used is the aGiftapp application. aGiftapp is completely free to use and is already available on IOS, Android and desktop version, integrated in Facebook. The current version of the app is 1.0, a hybrid version and will be improved constantly. They intend to launch 2.0 version with aGifttoken integration after stage I of selling is completed.

Social media

The users just have to login with their Social Media Accounts, select the date with maximum 2 weeks before the event, make a nice description, add web links of desired presents in order to make their wish list and share afterwards the event on their Social Media Account. Furthermore, a nice selection of emoji is available to define what the event is about. In order to get the event crowdfunded, users will need to provide the aGifttoken wallet address or PayPal.Me link before they publish their first event in the app.


MemberIleana Tilvan CEOAdrian Tilvan CPOHeena Chawla PROJECT MANAGER

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