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Interview with the founders of Azultec

With the growing popularity of blockchain-based network services such as rendering, cloud computing, cloud storage or cryptocurrency mining, an increase in energy demand by computer centers can be observed. Fossil fuels are used to produce an overwhelming amount of energy needed for high-performance computing services offered by the data centers, which has a negative impact on climate change. Azultec was founded because the demand for an environmental-friendlier and energy-efficient solution was identified for high-performance computing like rendering, therefore azultec offers a more sustainable solution.

Read our recent interview with Azultec for the compelling insights into the motivation, current business activities and development opportunities of one of the most promising addition to the digital cryptocurrency world.

— What is your background?

The founding team of Azultec has the combined experience of three successful high tech enterprises. Aquatuning is the biggest warehouse and distributor for DIY PC liquid cooling worldwide. Alphacool is a water-cooling manufacturer with clients in the IT, automotive and enterprise business. technikPR is the most technical PR agency with some of the world’s top Fortune 500 technology companies as clients

— Why did you decide to launch Azultec right now?

Financial reports of GPU designing companies show about $3B of sales to data centers and about $1B of sales to the professional visualization market. The market is about to shift rapidly almost entirely to GPU rendering, so it is safe to assume the market will greatly exceed $10B of annual sales in the coming years. Grand View Research, Inc. conducted a study on visualization and 3D rendering market and predicts the market to be worth USD 5.63 billion by 2025. Cloud-based solutions offer enterprises high scalability, increased mobility, and on-demand availability which led to a shift from on-premise to cloud deployments.

— What is the key problem that your product solves?

Azultec has not only developed products, but an entire concept tailored to the product line. We offer a concept for the easiest way to participate in the global rendering and cloud computing business. You can also use computing power for artificial intelligence and machine learning. But our products can do more — our products can use renewable energies and use them efficiently and integration of our recuperation component can reuse the generated heat in your household.

In summary, azultec aims to solve the following problems:

  • The Performance Problem: Instead of 4 air-cooled cards which suffocate each other by blocking the air intake on the fan of the next card and cause temperature issues, the RenderMaster build takes maximum advantage of available motherboard capacity with all 10 cards run at the same temperature straight off the motherboard.
  • Significant Server Costs: Our custom water blocks cost less than standard water cooling blocks, with factory-built units assembled at mass production cost. Lifespan & Reliability Better cooling technology protects all components and allows the factory to offer warranties for Azultec RenderMaster products.
  • The heat problem: Since up to 72% of energy in the form of heat can be dissipated by liquid cooling, the ambient temperature is automatically lowered, which means the Mining Computer has a longer lifetime and air conditioning becomes obsolete. This, in turn, reduces ancillary and maintenance costs. Mining farms can reuse 72% of the energy that has been released to further cool their hardware.
  • The energy problem: We at Azultec see energy efficiency as a resource that is abundantly available to everyone and that needs to be optimized. An increase in energy efficiency not only has a positive impact on the environment but also brings an economic boost for businesses and industry. The Cube allows the energy in the form of the generated heat to be transmitted to an external heat storage unit, allowing 72% of otherwise wasted energy to be recovered (see next chapter for detailed information).

— Have any major manufacturers shown interest in the project?

We have already found partners to develop our solutions. Renos Solar and Green Energy GmbH will not only test our solutions, but install them as well, and FSG (Fair Synergien Gewinnen) as a power supplier. We are not stopping there and are approaching more potential partners.

— What will you do after the IEO?

The IEO funds will be used to finance the production and further development of the RenderMaster and the Cube and to set up a rendering service farm and prototypes of home use recuperation systems within the decentralized rendering network.

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